Our Company Origin
Oilfield refinery

Providing services solutions for our customer base.

Many customers have asked why AES Energy Services decided to fill this need in the market. It started in 1991 when our parent company, Andon Specialties, was modifying grab samplers for customers and decided to start a grab sampler company of their own. As a result of this, Andon Specialties personnel developed in-depth knowledge and skills pertaining to the applications, maintenance and installation of grab samplers. As more customers began to utilize this technology, it became apparent there was an inherent lack of support for grab samplers within the maintenance group that is normally comprised of mechanical, instrument and analytical disciplines. Recognizing that grab samplers did not fit any one of these disciplines, Andon Specialties created AES Energy Services in 2008 to help our customers with the design, installation and maintenance of these unique assets.

Since then AES Energy Services has partnered with our customers to fill many unique service offerings where a customer focused company like AES Energy Services can be trusted to deliver where the current market place is lacking.

In addition to offering some of the most knowledgeable and experienced grab sampler specialists in the industry, we have developed relationships with a number of top manufacturers and are committed to quality and safety in every project we undertake.



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